Video Marketing

Create a Video Marketing Strategy with IM Business Solution

Video marketing strategies are nothing new. Just like you wouldn’t create a commercial and buy airtime during the Super Bowl without researching and strategizing, you shouldn’t create a digital marketing video without first doing the proper research and creating a plan. Moreover, your video marketing strategy will ultimately be what guides you — your budget, your timelines, your production processes, your conversion metrics, and more. So getting this written down and finalized should be step one of your video creation process.

Before we dive into the specifics, here’s an overview of the steps.

  • How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy
  • Start with your video goals.
  • Find your target audience.
  • Figure out what story you want to tell.
  • Keep creative requirements in line.
  • Stick to your timeline.
  • Maintain a realistic budget.

Now that you know where we are, we’ll go into detail about how to execute each step.

Initially, you’ll have to decide which stage is the most important to target.

Awareness: Here, a challenge or opportunity will define and the viewer realizes they have a problem. Videos in this stage should attract users and introduce your brand to a new audience.
Consideration: The viewer is now considering how he or she will solve the problem they’re faced with. They’re researching, asking for recommendations, watching product reviews, and trying to find cost-effective solutions.
Decision: The solution has almost been found and you want to remain top of mind. Present your prospect with proof of customer satisfaction and prove why your product or service should be chosen over your competition.

If you want to attract a new set of customers to your brand, you’ll want to create an awareness stage video. If you want to engage your audience, you’ll want a consideration stage video. If you’re close to closing the sale and need to nurture your prospects, you’ll want to create a decision stage video. You can also create a video to delight those who have already purchased from you, or an internal video to help motivate your team or recruit new employees.

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The key is developing your buyer’s persona. If you already have one — great! Creating a buyer’s persona (or a few) is usually done when a company is developing its product or service offerings. Presumably, the people you want to buy your product are also the people you want to reach with your video.

With your buyer’s persona mapped out, you’ll know exactly who your target audience is. To finalize your audience strategy, just make sure you have the following figured out:

Who your product or service is for — this will be your buyer’s persona.
What the purpose of your video is — this will be where they fall within the marketing funnel.
Where your target audience hangs out — this will inform how you distribute your video.
With these three questions answered, you’ll know not only who your target audience is, but how to reach them, as well.