Mobile app marketing

What is Mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing is the way of creating marketing campaigns to arrive at your client’s at each phase of the marketing funnel. Learn key mobile application marketing strategies for each phase of client commitment with your application.

This is the way toward drawing in your application clients all through their whole involvement in your application:

Finding your application

Downloading it

Finishing the onboarding interaction

Remaining engaged

Targeting Capabilities

Acquire new users based on geography, device, and/or software version.

Volume Potential

We deliver millions of installs to our clients every single month. Access global inventory through our platform

Real Engaged Users

All of our users come from our AdGate Rewards Offer Wall. This is real, direct traffic. No middlemen!

Pay For Goals

Your metrics, your rate, your decision. You decide what you want to pay for and how much you want to pay for it.

Cost Per Install

Buy app installs for iOS and Android. You pay only for new installs and nothing else.

Cost Per Engagement

Reach users who are truly passionate about your app. Pay only when a user reaches a certain point in your app or unlocks an achievement in your game.

Cost Per Subscription

Looking for users to subscribe to service within your app? We can deliver that too! Pay us only when a user starts a free trial within your app.


Get access to users from social platforms other than Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat by mobile app marketing.

Data accuracy

You can only trust your marketing outputs when you’re confident with your data inputs. That’s why IMBS is committed to bringing you the most accurate attribution data in the industry.

Tech stack innovation

With IMBS attribution data as the foundation of your marketing tech stack, you have the freedom to drive innovation. Through a connected ecosystem of technology partners.

Customer obsessed

You deserve an unbiased and independent partner with the courage to do the right thing. The IMBS promise is to always represent your interests and deliver an awesome experience.